Design Thinking UX Visual Identification

Visual identification for NATworking

NATworking is the first interregional network of spaces in Italy dedicated to work and study in nature. The group, looking for a coherent visual identification, announced a graphic competition aimed especially at young artists. Participants had one month to design colors, typography, logos, promotional materials and a website. I must admit that the competition was […]

Design Thinking UX

Innovative Gastronomy – Design Thinking Workshop

During the last day of my Moderator of the Design Thinking Course, we passed through the processes once again. The organizers chose the topic related to innovation in gastronomy and set up groups. We received materials from previously conducted interviews to create personas and define a statement how we can help them. During the ideation […]


4 Ways to Be Creative

Do you think that creativity is the domain of artists? Nothing could be further from the truth. In the book 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People, Susan Weinschenk shares the work of professor Arne Dietrich. He identifies four ways to be creative, based on different brain activity. Deliberate & Cognitive Deliberate & Emotional […]

Design Thinking

Travel by Plane – Design Thinking Workshop

The topic of travelling by plane was the first project of my Moderator of the Design Thinking Course. We were working on this problem  during the first day of the course, going through all stages of Design Thinking. Trainees conducted the interview, defined a problem, searched ideas and developed a low-fidelity prototype. At the end […]

Design Thinking

Cosmetic Product – Design Thinking Workshop

This project was a part of my Moderator of the Design Thinking Course organised by Design Thinking Institute. During five days we passed the design process of this method three times. The topic of the cosmetic products was chosen by the organizers. Solving this problem, we were practising all stages of Design Thinking, mainly focusing […]

Architecture Design Thinking

Revalorisation of the Great Synagogue

I would like to show the implementation of Design Thinking in architecture. For the topic of my master thesis I chose the Great Synagogue in my hometown (Jarosław, Poland). The temple was built in the 19th century, currently serves as a gallery and classrooms of the art school. First of all, I decided to study […]

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